• Responsible for arranging the day-to-day travel and business plans of the Chairman, offer timely reminders;

• Responsible for receiving, organizing, conveying, supervision, preservation and archiving the documents,

   letters and correspondence of the Chairman;

• Responsible for drafting of the reports and the day-to-day work files of the Chairman...
• Assist CEO with group strategy formulation, operational planning, essentially through proactive research;

• Assist CEO with the group's key investments and business projects at all stages from data research to market analysis and 
   from implementation to monitoring;

• Depending on the case, carry out or assist CEO with business negotiations; make sure meeting minutes, 
   project reports, business plans and other key tasks are dealt with efficiently in the process¡­

• Be familiar with the global luxury goods market and trends (fabrics, patterns, colors¡­);

• Communicate efficiently with English-speaking fashion designers;

• Have experience in designing luxury, ¡°individualized¡±, outdoor-style apparel & accessories¡­
• Be familiar with international brands and their licensing operations;

• Oversee international brand management, channel building, sales development and operations;

• Plan and implement brand licensing strategy as international brand licensee¡­

• Build and improve legal affairs management, legal risk control & early warning   mechanisms;

• In particular, build the legal system surrounding intellectual property right tracing, protection and management;

• Verify and sign contracts with regards to intellectual property right s (in Chinese and English);

• Ensure confidentiality and manage and legal documents and agreements¡­

• Be in charge of collecting and analyzing data on construction dynamics in the Chinese and global real estate sector;

• Provide valuable insights and suggest clear product design concepts;

• Oversee project planning and design at the preparation stage¡­
• Be in charge of cost and global budget estimation and suggest cost adjustments for the different;

• projects in which the company is engaged;

• Check and confirm tender budget estimations for bidding and submission;

• Be responsible for reviewing tender documents, negotiation s, payment progress, material prices, etc.;

• Establish cost control system and ensure respect of policies for efficient cost control¡­