WANG Ran | Vice General Manager, Real Estate Dept.
My story with Royal Seal dates back to over 10 years ago. I have worked in most departments and, in all of them, I have enjoyed a career full of creativity and passion. I¡¯ve always learned new things at work and gotten the opportunities to grow, and to me that¡¯s the most valuable thing Royal Seal has to offer to anyone here. In the next 10 years, and hopefully more, I'd like to continue contributing my strengths to this company, which has become an integral part of my life.
XIAO Liwen | Assistant to President
I can still recall the first time I joined Royal Seal six years ago and, since then, I have experienced a lot of things, both in my work and in my life in general, that made me the mature person I am today. Though there can be ups and downs, there are things that don¡¯t change: working hard every day, with a smile, is one of them!
Thomas COISY£üSenior Assistant to COO.
This company is full of exciting challenges. I especially enjoy the dynamic exchange of ideas and ways of thinking between our London, Shanghai and Beijing offices, and  track the progress of our various projects all the way through. Remembering the name of all our Chinese, Italian, British collaborators in the process can sometimes be a challenge too! An essential thing is that Royal Seal provides enough room for me to show my abilities and deal with these challenges, like when I need to explain the thinking process of our French business partners to my management and colleagues. The company¡¯s requirements are diverse, sometimes unusual, and I see all of them as opportunities to contribute my skills and experience to the company¡¯s success and grow at the same time.
LI Jiangbo| Designer, Planning Dept.
I¡¯ve made big progress at Royal Seal since I started here a few years ago. The company¡¯s inspiration has been invaluable to me and it has probably been the major factor in my becoming a respected, indispensable professional. I especially feel I¡¯ve sharpened my professional skills and developed my sense of responsibility to a new level. In my opinion, Royal Seal is like a fertile land that attracts motivated professionals with great potential while respecting their personality.  The inspiring cultural elements and the innovative environment here allow young designers like me to constantly gain new experience and develop our own sense of creativity, which we can contribute, in return, to make Royal Seal successful.
ZHANG Jing¦òTranslator, Media Dept.
Since joining Royal Seal, I¡¯ve learned a lot and received a lot. In my work, I receive the guidance of leaders with great patience and passion; leaders who help me correct my mistakes but also push me to make quick progress. With their help, I¡¯ve progressively made a habit of inquiring more, thinking and communicating more efficiently. But it¡¯s not only about efficiency at work; it¡¯s also about self-confidence and getting rid of carelessness or sloppiness in your everyday life. My colleagues are very friendly, helpful and passionate. Sometimes we solve problems together and I am grateful to them for that. Getting along so well with everyone makes me feel part of a family.
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