Since its foundation over ten years ago, Royal Seal Group International has been strategically focused on culture and creative industries in all their forms, investing in fields such as film production, copyright trading, but also creative industry park construction. The group collaborates with renowned media corporations and Chinese academic institutions that, like us, show passion for exploration, nature and humanity in general. This has already resulted, as an example, in over 3000 hours of documentary co-production.
Royal Seal Media International Group participated in the production of a number of movies, including Crossed Lines, Beginning of the Great Revival, etc. Among which, Beginning of the Great Revival was awarded the 14th Huabiao Awards the Best Drama Feature in 2011. Royal Seal Media International Group is also planning to invest in theatre constructions in Chinas top and lower-tier cities; it is expected to have around 2000 self-built or sharing screens around the world when the theatre investment project is completed.