2013 witnessed China¡¯s box office reach a record RMB 21.5 billion with 61 films grossing over RMB 100million. Although December 2013 saw a great decline compared to the same month last year, ¡°China¡¯s film market has achieved an amazing revenue, almost comparable to Hollywood¡±, as stated in the American media in their year-end analysis that included 2013¡¯s top 10 grossing films. From Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons to Gravity, released at the beginning and towards the end of the year respectively, China¡¯s box office surge has astonished Hollywood. Only 3 of the top 10 films in the list were Hollywood productions: ¡°The Chinese film is setting a truly new genre, with domestic films gaining a strong foothold¡±, the American media reported.

Statistics reveal that after reaching a breakthrough RMB 20 billion by December 8, 2013, the nationwide box office finished the year with 1.6 billion, making the annual revenue culminate at a record-high RMB 21.6 billion, up 27% from 2012, although it fell short to the 22 billion mark.

Additionally, 61 films passed the RMB 100million figure, compared to 45 in 2012 and 35 in 2011. These include In Thailand and CZ12, both released in December 2012, which also reached the RMB 100 million plateau during the year 2013 alone. Out of the 61 movies, 34 are domestic and 27 are imported. 14 domestic films and 10 international productions fall in the RMB 100-200million box office range. The split is 14-15 in the RMB 200-500million range and 5-2 in the RMB 500million-1 billion bracket, while only 1 Chinese film grossed over RMB 1 million.

Domestic movies grabbing 60% of the total annual revenue marks a big victory for the Chinese film industry, following 2012 where they had a share of around 48%. It is this figure which prompted the US media to start comparing the China film market to Hollywood.

2014 is expected to be another fruitful year for Chinese films. Blockbusters such as The Monkey King, Gone With The Bullets, The Crossing, Wolf Totem, Gui Lai and The Hidden Heroine are all highly anticipated, the only question being ¡°Which one will make history this year?¡±

2013 Top Ten Box Office (RMB million):

01. Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons [1,246]

02. Iron Man 3 [755]

03. So Young [719]

04. Pacific Rim [699]

05. Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon [600]

06. Personal Tailor [556 (still in theaters)]

07. American Dreams in China [539]

08. Finding Mr. Right [520]

09. Tiny Times [489]

10. Gravity [450]


Source: Yangtze Daily

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