Following an invitation of IDG Group, Royal Seal Group International President Di Jian flew to USA in November to attend DEMO, the world’s largest internet innovation technology and business model conference, and visit some of the world’s top IT companies including Apple, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Accompanied by BWRC’ Technical Principal, Mr. Di notably paid a visit to Apple’s headquarters and discussed the firm’s latest product innovations and development trends in the telecom industry with Apple’s R&D Center engineers. This enabled him to get a deeper understanding of the development concepts, corporate culture essence and innovation strengths of the hi-tech corporation, widely regarded as the “World’s Most Valued Brand” with a market value exceeding US$620 billion.

While attending the Sino-U.S. Venture Capital Silicon Valley Summit, Mr. Di had the opportunity to exchange views with several internet venture capital leaders from both China and the U.S. Among them, Wu Jiong, named “China Annual Angel Investor” in 2014, legendary co-builder of Alibaba together with Jack Ma, and investor in many successful businesses ranging from Yahoo to Jumei. Wu Jiong shared his experience and insights with Mr. Di on venture capital investment and his personal views on the future of IT investment in China

Chuangyebang Media Group also organized Mr. Di’s visit to other internet-leading companies such as Coursera, 500 Startup and InnoSpring. He also discussed design thinking with Stanford University Professor and celebrated designer and innovation counselor Barry Katz, getting a better grasp of the internet’s global trends, mobile wave, e-business orientation, data application, forward-looking investment models, all of which will be valuable to Royal Seal Group International’s investment strategy.