The Cultural Industrial Park Of Royal Seal International Is About To Open

The Cultural Industrial Park of Royal Seal International, which is an estate project honor-produced by Royal Seal Group, is expected to be completed and open this summer.

After construction optimization, the park is well-crafted and has successfully passed the fire-production, planning and environmental protection acceptance and completion acceptance, following which the landscape modification and cultivation of plants have been set out. According to the horticulture plan, there will be almost 30 kinds of shrubs and arbors, including some rare ones such as metasequoia and tassels, the green coverage rate will be over 40%. In the near future, there will be gorgeous scenery and splendid architectures, the natural and man-made landscape will be blended, based on which we can see a new peak of the vision in the cultural map of Beijing.

Striving for excellence, there will be a series improvement of details, after which the park is expected to be completed and open around June.