The Ranking of Biopharmaceutical Industry Competitiveness Was Released

Recently, a research report entrusted by PhRMA and conducted by consulting company Pugatch Consilium about Biopharmaceutical Competitiveness & Investment of major economic entities (or countries) has released. The report shows that the different innovation policies of different economic entities are the main factors which affect their BCI.

The research scores the major economic entities based on science and technology strength and infrastructure, intellectual property protection, clinical research and framework system, regulatory system, market access and capital supply, the top 5 in order is The United States, Singapore, Britain, Switzerland and South Korea,  China ranks No.21, lower than Taiwan [No.9] and India[No.19] and other emerging markets.

As for China, the report analysis says that the current situation such as the generally low R&D capabilities of Biopharmaceutical companies, clinical approval is slow and cannot be in line with international standards, questionable regulatory capacity are the major factors that caused China's low ranking.


Resource: SINA Medical News

Edited by: Royal Seal Technology Group