RSTG Made Achievements with Return Visit to UCLA

RSTG Vice Chairman Jacob Di and Guo Feng, CEO of Tayu, the bio-pharma subsidiary of RSTG, recently paid a return visit to UCLA at the invitation of Doctor Gene Block, the university’s chancellor.

UCLA’s vice chancellor Ms. Cindy Fan, Head of School of Engineering and Applied Science Jayathi Murthy, Head of School of Medical Study Sun Ren, School of Engineering and Applied Science Prof. Zhu Songcun, who is one of the world’s top AI expert, and Prof. Antoni Ribas from School of Medical Study, along with a number of scientists and high-ranking administrative officers presented to the team an elaborate introduction of the university’s tumor immunotherapy, AI algorism and other industrial cooperation, expressing its willingness to cooperate with RSTG to develop industrial transition in the fields in which RSTG is interested.

Di said the tumor immunotherapy benefits human healthcare and super AI changes the evolution pattern of civilization, both of which are strategic industries that will change the course of history and counted as RSTG’s future investment directions. RSTG is willing to work with UCLA’s scientists to contribute to the social and economic values in these fields. In response, Cindy Fan highly approved such strategic intent. UCLA will work with RSTG to contribute their wisdom on human healthcare and computing , and is fully confident to future cooperation.